Monday, 29 September 2014

Photocraft Loves.....Me!

When you work for yourself it's very hard to keep the boss happy! Long hours and tough appraisals. So it's lovely when someone comes along to pat you on the back and say "Well done there!". The lovely folk at Photocraft have recognised that I've put their great advice and training into practice when I gave my website a revamp and made my Etsy shop look beautiful. So I am very satisfied to have received a 'Photocraft Loves' award!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Into Autumn

And as we move into Autumn I am still in love with deep pink! I've been getting ready for the Autumn Yoga and Creativity workshop in Loughborough this Saturday with Chandrayoga (places still available!). I'll be picking these for our lunch table and the creativity session will be focusing on 'letting go' and our hands as symbols of holding on and letting go. Lindsey will help with energy release with a beautiful yoga session and an inspiring, visual meditation. I'll post some pictures next week of how the day goes!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Ta da!

Here they are! Super bright and beautiful! Perfect for harvest time and capturing that joy of growing your own through out the year. I'm currently taking pre-orders here.


At the weekend I was in the sunshine at the Wirksworth Festival in Derbyshire. It's an annual pilgrimage and this year we took friends who hadn't been before so saw the event through fresh eyes. Favourite artists were James Green and Rachel Grigor, We stayed in the town and so enjoyed a more leisurely pace on the art and architecture trail with breaks at music venues and the Wirksworth Brewery. I met up with other lovely artists and makers and bumped into lots of people I've met since I've exhibited at Wirksworth and Melbourne Festivals. We discovered that this amazing venue was for sale, it had a magical garden with livestock and a veggie plot...utterly magical. Sunshine, art, beer, chips and the company of good friends....a perfect end to the summer.

Melbourne Festival 2014

Don't forget that I'll be at the Melbourne Festival this coming weekend 13th/14th September. It's a showcase of the best of Derbyshire's artists and makers and I'm proud to have been selected. I've got new originals, my limited edition prints, new vases and.....drum roll please....two tea-towel designs to launch exclusively at the festival (pictures soon!). There aren't many tea towels, so please form an orderly queue! I'll be at 16 Church Street and doors are open 10-6 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday. Be sure to bring the sunshine with you!

Faded Summer- detail from new original

from a selection of vases

'grow' from a selection of mini prints

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

And so it goes.

Suddenly it's September. This year is flying by. I've not known what to expect of myself this year. I've taken a step back from teaching workshops to try and get a bit of control over my life and business and to try to make a going-forward plan. I started to come to terms with life and then the Summer came and my role as a Mum had to take centre stage, and now I've forgotten where I'm going! In amongst the holidays and play days I've managed to get some new vases designed and fired and a couple of new originals finished and framed ready for the Melbourne Festival on the 13th/14th September. I'll be in the same, beautiful venue as last year, at 16 Church Street. I've realised how interlinked the different areas of my life are and how my garden feeds me, both in the literal sense and in providing me with inspiration. I often feel that it's not work to be gardening but it's an intrinsic part of myself and my creativity. So this Autumn, when the boys go back to school, I've resolved not to be quite so serious about 'work', to feed my soul with the things that inspire me, and to allow some play back into my creative life. What's on your Autumn Manifesto?

Manifesto Autumn 2014

Live Simply
Learn to play again
Garden-it's my inspiration
Remember the rainbow
Eat simply and healthily
Take time off - book it in
Read about Tibet
Read to the boys
Make a pile of blankets ( and sit under them!)

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