Wednesday, 27 November 2013

40 at 40!

40 at 40! In the run up to my fortieth birthday I have created a run of 40 vases featuring images from my original artworks. Each vase is a one off and numbered. I have 22 vases left available after my Winter Open Studio. I will upload the vases to an album on my facebook page at 8pm (GMT) on Sunday 1st December. Just write SOLD in the comment box of the vase you would like to buy, then send me a message with the number of the vase you have chosen. Payment will need to be made by Paypal. Vases cost £25 small (h18cm), £35 medium (h24cm), £45 large (h30cm). Shipping to UK £5 per vase. Overseas shipping by arrangement. See you Sunday!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

This is me.

credit : India Hobson

This is a sneaky peek of me....all ready for printing as part of Folksy's publication 'Revealing Craft'. Their Kickstarter fundraising is going to plan but there aren't quite enough pledgers. I know there's a lot of asking at the moment....and a lot of it is for money that is going to mean the difference between life and death for some. But in the face of all the worlds ills, holding on to beauty sometimes gives us the inspiration to believe in life, believe in love. 'Revealing Craft' is all about beauty and creativity and the slow wonder of engaging our hands and hearts. If you know someone who needs some inspiration to live true to themselves, maybe this could be a wonderful gift.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Revealing Craft

When India Hobson came to take pictures of my studio for a Folksy publication called 'Revealing Craft', the culmination of the project seemed a long way off!  Now it's nearly here I am so excited to be one of the 13 makers chosen to be a part of this beautiful publication designed by dust. There is only one hiccup...before the 'print' button can be pressed, there need to be some backers (minimum pledge is £17 and you get a copy).  Through raising funds via Kickstarter, hopefully the publication will become a reality. It really will be something to treasure and will include this picture of my greenhouse!

credit: India Hobson

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