Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Workshop dates 2016-2017

Here are my new workshop dates of the coming academic year. You can find all details on my website at or click here.

Back to School Week

It's back to school week here in Derbyshire which means one's the Wirksworth Festival at the weekend! In Derbyshire we are good at making the summer last and this year I will be exhibiting at both the Wirksworth and the Melbourne Festivals.

I've had a good break over the summer (more to tell of that in other posts) and now the boys are back at school I am getting my wares ready for the weekend. There'll be special festival prices on prints and originals so come and see me at the Wild Cherry Bed and Breakfast up the very steep Greenhill. It's worth the walk as I will be exhibiting alongside Tracy Cuppitt and our host is a cafe stop for festival visitors. From up there the views are amazing, not too dissimilar to this....

Then it's a quick pitstop at home before the Melbourne Festival Art Trail on the 17th and 18th of September where I will be at 49 Church Street. Don't forget to buy your trail guide from one of the sellers in the village centre. Fingers crossed that the sun keeps shining! 

I look forward to seeing you!
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