Saturday, 22 August 2015

Garden Shine

Summer is still shining her light here and I am soaking it up and storing it! I'm juggling family days with studio days. Colour is every where and it is soaking into my soul. I love this time of year, the days feel full and nature is bountiful. We've started to crop our produce at the allotment and are enjoying courgettes, blackberries, plums and beans. 

In the garden I see the sun in everything, the apples are swelling, the sunflowers reaching for the sky. This rudbeckia is my latest addition to the garden along with some dahlias that are going to sing their song as summer fades.

The sun is infusing my work too. It's life giving force has been a powerful symbol in art through all time. Ever since childhood I've enjoyed drawing that circle of radiating light. I'm going to use these images in the darker days of Autumn and Winter to remind myself of that warm energy. If you'd like to create a sun collage, an amulet of summer energy, why not join me for my creative collage workshop on Saturday October 10th in Long Eaton? 

'Shine like the Sun' is available to book here. If you can't come to an in-person workshop you can find out more about my connection to nature and the seasons and how you can use them to develop your creativity by listening to my spoken word creative visualisation CD 'I am Nature'. Available in my online shop for £10.

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