Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Creative nourishment - April

I took myself off to Matlock Bath in Derbyshire on Monday. In the company of a good friend we enjoyed walking around the town, which nestles into the hillside above the parade of shops of this Victorian Spa town. The warmth of the sun meant we were able to walk slowly (and much uphill walking meant we had to!) around the streets of the town. There were lovely views across the valley and down onto the river, looking over roof tops and tumbling greenery.

A couple of miles up the road in Matlock, we stumbled on a wonderful cafe patisserie, Cool River. Sat in the sun we enjoyed a wonderful lunch. The patisserie are baked on the premises and well worth  indulging in!

The purpose of the day was to seek out some inspiration in the antique shops that line the main road through the town. The Vintage Rooms is a favourite. A good rummage was had. I was inspired by the patina, the wearing away of layers of paint. And the colours of the day were definitely spring green, pillar box red and bright sky blue.

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