Thursday, 21 July 2011

Make do and mend

As a lady of modest means, I've been pepping up my summer wardrobe with a bit of make, do and mend.  The bag I made from a lightweight denim skirt. The inside is tipped with a piece of vintage bias binding from the lovely Willy.  The blouse has had a bit of a redesign to the sleeves, and the cardigan that was starting to unravel has been tipped with a poppy red cotton binding. Each item received its own tag, a strip of vintage ribbon.

Choosing a button for the bag was the best bit.  It's a long time since I rummaged through my button box and held hands with the ghosts of previous owners and makers.  In there are buttons from my Nana, buttons that my Mum wore on frocks in the fifties and all manner of others, large and small with their own silent stories.

Melbourne Festival 2011

I'm busily working toward the Melbourne Festival in Derbyshire on 17th and 18th September.  I'm really looking forward to getting out and about during the summer holidays and soaking up the colours and textures of the British landscape.  At Melbourne I'll be launching my new range of greetings cards and giclee prints as well as a new collection of originals. Put it in your diary now!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Website update

My website has had an update with new images on the home page and gallery pages to click on to.  Hope you like it.

Monday, 18 July 2011


When I found these wardrobes in our local junk shop, I just knew I wouldn't rest easily unless the dressing table came too. So I now have my very own midcentury modern bedroom set. The wardrobes provide great storage with internal shelves labelled for 'shirts', 'hats' etc. I love the colour of the wood and the detailing in the handles and the routed design.....and I got change from £100!

Friday, 15 July 2011


I'm finally back in the studio and really enjoying myself. Working intuitively; I spent an afternoon in Dave's studio with oil paints, linseed oil, ink and acrylics.  Allowed myself to get messy.  Didn't plan what I was doing.  Trying to balance the abstract with the detail.  Now collaging back in my studio and feeling relieved to have found my flow!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


My good friend Becki recently opened her garden shed to friends and family to celebrate her fortieth birthday.  With stacks of cakes, a gallery, piles of vintage china and bunting flapping in the breeze, it was a wonderful day in the sun.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Found my mojo!

I found my creative mojo this week!  It wasn't far away, I just needed some quality time with myself.  It was a pleasure to create this piece, commissioned by a friend for a birthday gift for his mother.  Called 'The Journey of Life', the river symbolizes the ever onward flow of life, the fish her Christian faith.  The bridge leads to other places, part of a well travelled life. The trees are symbols of her children and husband.  In the front, the flowers represent six grandchildren.  The butterfly is for a lost child, offered rosemary for rememberance and a snowdrop for hope.  Music and art and nature were suggestions to be included and I really hope that the piece is well received!

Today I am exhibiting at the George Spencer Art Market, Stapleford. So much energy has been put in to setting up this Art Market where contemporary artists and makers will show alongside A-level students.  The students have had responsibility to set up and market the's even being filmed for local news!  I'm really looking forward to exhibiting on my door step and meeting local creatives.  Hope you can come.  It's open from 10-3 today and I'll be selling my newly repackaged decorative tiles as well as original artwork and ceramics.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Creative burnout

I realised I'm suffering from creative burnout and I've lost a bit of confidence in embarking on new work.  I'm taking a blog break whilst I refill my creative well.  Will check back in soon.

ps....on reflection, I need some creative time out to catch up on ideas and just play a little.  Dealing with everyone being ill blocked my I'm just the nicest possible way of course!!
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