Wednesday, 31 October 2012


After a flurry of recent sales I'm feeling generous!  If you've not yet 'liked' my studio facebook page, I'm giving away a signed limited edition print of 'Red House', posted to anywhere in the world to my 200th liker.  If you already 'like' me on facebook and feel a little left out, I'm also giving away the same print to my 200th blog follower.  Get clicking!

Red House /50

Sunday, 28 October 2012

On the Turn

I'm delighted to hear that I've had my first sale at my solo exhibition at Opus Gallery in Ashbourne.  I had a beautiful drive through the Derbyshire countryside to deliver the work on Friday.  The landscape was ablaze with yellow so it seems fitting that my piece, 'On the Turn' was the first to sell.

'On the Turn'

Opus Gallery, Ashbourne

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Going, going, gone

Remember this piece? It's called Valley Deep and has been my magnum opus. It was one of the first pieces that I had produced as a print just over a year ago. And now I have only 8 left. So for all of you who wanted a reminder.....there are only 8 can buy online here!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I feel a bit out of the blog loop.  It's been a period of introspection and I've not felt brave enough to share it with the world.  I'm on hold a bit because of the studio build and that has meant  a lot of sorting out and sorting through. I've got to the bottom of 18 months of paperwork, filed my tax return and completed a huge to-do list.  The relief has been great.  What has happened has been a feeling of coming full circle and a creation of a space within me.  Into that space are trickling new ideas and new visions.

I can't decide whether I am being brave or stupid but my creative soul is moving me away from the landscape work and in to new realms.  It might be just a new avenue I need to pursue, we'll see.  I have a few conceptual ideas rumbling in my head, to do with love and connections and the circle of life....there's nothing like focusing on the big stuff!

Hands have become important symbols of the connections between me and my loved ones and so I am using them as a starting point for some visual explorations.  It might be some creative play, a reflective journey, or the start of a new body of work.....

After writing this I went on to read this.  I really relate to the need for peaceful introversion to recalibrate mind, body and soul.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Autumn Sunset

Dame Laura Knight 'The Cornish Coast' c 1917

A trip to the Lakeside Arts Centre at Nottingham University is a must in the Autumn.  The tree filled campus lights up with the glow of reds, yellows and oranges.  The children love the playground at Highfields Park.  We love the coffee (!) and the newly enlarged gallery at the Djanogoly centre has allowed for more dynamic exhibitions to be curated.  We always come home inspired, the Lakeside programme tucked in to a pocket, ready to book up theatre and music events to sustain us through the winter. 
Laura Knight

And so a sunny autumn day found us at the Dame Laura Knight exhibition.  I knew her to be a local artist, born in Long Eaton to lace workers, but I didn't know her to be such a talented and prolific artist.   Dissuaded at art college for painting in a masculine style she wasn't put off and went on to produce a lifetime of colourful, dynamic work that challenged the visual norms of her time.  She was a prolific war artist and the first woman elected to the Royal Academy. For her depictions of the Nuremberg Trials, she was also made the first Dame of the British Empire.

Dame Laura Knight 'Autumn Sunset'

I loved the beauty and atmosphere of this painting, 'Autumn Sunset'.  Rich and evocative of misty autumn days, I think this piece will keep me going through the winter months.

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