Monday, 7 March 2011

The sun shone!

Polly Dunbar illustration

I hope it was a good weekend.  I really needed the sun to shine and it did.  It was wonderful to be in the garden, getting ready for Spring, the boys playing, chickens having a grub-up and the cats looking non-plussed with it all.  Not the best day to escape to the cinema, but a promise is a promise, and Tangled delivered in all the right, Walt Disney ways.  I know it wasn't me who needed the parental guidance, but that witch really was scary!  I also found a grown up moment to sit with a coffee and read the new Selvedge magazine.  Bliss.

I really enjoyed this interview with Tad Carpenter, especially the images showing design development from drawing to digital artwork.  I'm endlessly fascinated by creative process, from inspiration to realisation.


kirsty said...

Great illustration - love Polly Dunbar!

Helen Hallows said...

Me too! We have 'Here's a Little Poem', endlessly inspiring.....and 'Shoe Baby' it!

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