Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Arts funding cuts

It's decision day for the Arts Council funding cuts.  From the coverage I've seen, there are wide spread cuts, and combined with the education minister's plans to wipe Art from the exam curriculum, it's a bleak day for the future of art and culture in our country.  That said, I was pleased to see that of the groups that I have direct links to, funding has not been drastically effected.  North Kesteven District Council, who fund Design Factory have secured 16.4% more funding.  The Leicester Print Workshop have a massive 85% increase in their funds.  Wirksworth Festival will be sad to lose 10% of their funding.  I hope that the festival can continue to flourish in spite of this and that the shortfall won't need to be met by the artists involved.

This artist's fortunes have just received a boost.  David has secured some work.  Temporary but much needed!  That Orla Kiely book will be mine!


Mangle Prints said...

That's fantastic news for you both. It's good to see a little glimmer of hope in such bleak times. It's dreadful to hear that they are thinking of dropping art from the exam curriculum-Will we truly be living in a cultural waste land soon?

Helen Hallows said...

I thought I better check my facts! I knew I'd heard it some where. I looked here,;type_uid=1;section=News

about the changes to the national curriculum which seem to be sidelining art, if not getting rid of it. There is hope! As a parent, and school governor, I fly the flag for arts education as a way of teaching problem solving as well as personal expression. We can't let our arts just disappear.

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