Sunday, 20 March 2011

Recording Memories Workshop

There's been a bit of technological melt down here this week, so sorry for the delay in posting up the pictures from my first workshop last Sunday at Beans Coffee Shop Gallery. Here's an array of images from the day, everyone hard at work, and some of the beautiful work that was produced.  It was great to see how each individual interpreted the techniques that I use and applied them in their own way.  I was really pleased with the outcomes.  Such talented ladies!

Well done to Rachel who won one of my tiles in the raffle; we raised £12 for Comic Relief.....I rounded up the donation, so together, we donated enough to fund an operation to save someone's sight.

I'm really looking forward to my next workshop at Beans on 25th September.  I had such lovely feedback comments and really enjoyed sharing my ideas and inspirations.  And, as expected, lunch was great!

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