Saturday, 12 March 2011

Left or Right?

Left or Right?

I've been having a delightful weekend.  You know that question, 'Which famous people would you have at your dream dinner party?'.  Well, for me it would have to include Monty Don and Ken Robinson.  I'm so glad to have Monty back on Gardeners' World.  With his inspiration, I've been out there digging, pruning and redesigning the garden.  The delights of my lie in this morning were heightened by listening to educationalist Ken Robinson talking to Fee Glover on Saturday Live.  This man speaks nothing but sense on the subjects of education and creativity and I find him so inspiring to listen to.

The 'Left or Right?' reference may only be understood by those who have seen The Social Network.  Watching that this week made me realise just how recent are the social changes to the way we communicate.  I'm really looking forward to my workshop tomorrow and sharing my creativity and inspirations face to face!

ps.  I've discovered pinterest, and have added a pinboard for people I'd invite to my fantasy dinner party.   Who would you invite to yours?

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