Monday, 28 March 2011


Quilted HH2010

I had a great weekend at Sock in Loughborough.  I said a sad goodbye to Quilted.  It was a favourite piece;  I hope it's happy in its new home.  I also sold Love Song as well as a good selection of ceramics.

Love Song HH2010

Sock was really well organised and advertised.  The marketing session they arranged before the event, and the supper for the exhibitors, were both helpful and gave time to share ideas and make contacts.  I'm really pleased to hear that there will soon be a Sock Gallery at Loughborough Town Hall, and hope to exhibit there soon.

I spent the weekend in the company of Helen Rhodes who was exhibiting on the next stand.  She's a fellow alumnus of Loughborough College of Art and Design.  We'd met before, in fact it was the very same day as the storm that I captured in the piece Journey Through The Storm.

Journey through the Storm HH2009

That piece was the first I did mixing ink, collage and stitch, and the start of my journey to now here.  So, for me Helen is somehow a part of that story and feels like a good omen in my life!

Other designers from the show whose work I admired were Gillian Lee Smith, Kate Thornton and Helen Shere.  

Thank you to all those who came to see me, and hello to those of you I met over the weekend.

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