Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Keeping at it

Oooh it's a busy life!  Running a workshop is always an intense experience, bringing together a group of strangers, imparting creative knowledge and enabling learners to make the best of what is essentially a taster day.  My work includes so many materials and techniques I arrived feeling like a snail with a huge shell on my back.  Oh for my own studio with enough space to run workshops, surrounded by all my paper hoards, books, threads, paints, boards etc etc!

It's been straight back to the studio to carry on with the new work I am preparing for Sock gallery.  Luckily the work is going well and I've got a great sense of creative flow.  It's always an apprehensive time as an immovable deadline looms but I think I might just be ready in time.  I have one week until set up and have six new pieces nearing completion.  I collect the frames from the framers on Friday (new frames...all solid oak and very beautiful), and with another workshop on Saturday I think I better work hard at looking after myself and getting some early nights.

It was very flattering to receive a message from Angie at Artwork by Angie telling me that she had awarded me the Liebster Blog Award.  Awarded from blogger to blogger, it must be awarded to a blog that inspires you and that has less than 200 followers.  We all need a "hip, hip, hooray" now again and I would like to give a Liebster to Sue Bulmer for her creative and informative blog in which she is very generous in praising others.  Also to Ruth Green.  I love her visual language and she has some lovely links.  Sue, Ruth .... I award you the Liebster.  Three cheers!

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sue bulmer said...

Ooh, honoured!! Thanks Helen much appreciated :-)

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