Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kettle's Yard

The thing I like about Kettle's Yard is that it's so alive. A row of cottages knocked together and developed by Jim and Helen Ede, it has been preserved as if they had just popped out.  The interior has become an artwork itself.  Their's was a pared back aesthetic and they created a home that revered the natural.  Visited by artists and musicians it is a treasure trove of midcentury artists; Ben and Winifred Nicholson, Alfred Wallis, Henry Moore.  Whenever I visit I get a tremendous sense of fortune to be allowed into this place, to see the art in its domestic setting, the beauty of the vignettes as a Ben Nicholson relief shares its shelf with a few carefully placed shells.  A visit to Kettle's Yard should always be on the things-to-do list.

Ben Nicholson 1934 relief.  Kettles Yard

Inspiration....Ben Nicholson 1945 Two Circles

The overlapping shapes reminded me of cottages under moonlight

Inked underpainting for 'Nicholson's Cottages'....to be completed


Jennifer Tetlow said...

How I agree - last week I listened to one of the Thursday lunchtime lectures and it is still gloriously filling my head. You're right, there is such energy and a positive creative feel from the place.

Helen Hallows said...

Lucky you. x
I never seem to have enough time there. Would love to sit at the table and read the art books. If I lived in Cambridge I'd have to go and read there, sitting in a different chair each time I went!

Marisa Carmen said...

There's going to be a nice Alfred Wallis show on next at Kettle's Yard hosted by the new director.
I think it starts April 7th until July!

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