Tuesday, 7 February 2012


I recently purchased these books.  Both have inspired in me the creation of sketchbooks and journals that are real. Creativity as a part of the journey of life;  the visceral pleasure of the tactile;  the putting of paint on paper.  The journey from looking to seeing and translating the mark, a view, an idea, a colour palette.  I love my online journey but miss the time spent filling sketchbooks, not always knowing what for, some would be useful, some not.  Even now, I refer back to journals, scrapbooks and sketchbooks from art college and when I was a freelance designer.

In Orla Kiely's Pattern book, a book I had resisted getting because her language is so strong and directed, I loved reading about her own creative journey from her first experiments as a child and the progression of her career and business.  I loved the simple way she puts her visual inspirations together so I am now waiting for a parcel of notebooks from Muji, inspired to do the same.

David Hockney's, A Yorkshire Sketchbook created in April 2004 has inspired me to take my watercolours next time I'm in Yorkshire and pay homage to his beautiful county.  I love the tonal studies and his capturing of the great sweeps of the landscape.

I am also finding guidance and inspiration here to get me through the back end of winter and maintain my creative flow.


sue bulmer said...

Ah me too Helen, i think Isa Maria's blog is fab, the kind I aspire to!! Just thought I'd ask, as you mentioned your sketchbooks, would you like to be interviewed for sketchbook perks on my blog? Let me know and I'll send you the questions

felicity said...

I love sketchbooks too, and you've summed them up very well. I copied some of the Hockney paintings ( on my blog) I found them beautiful and deceptively simple. I will try and look at the Orla book, I like the bold designs, but probably have only seen a fraction of her work.

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