Friday, 2 March 2012

Sock 2012

Well I made it through the week.  Illness, World Book Day costumes, Eco Team meeting all dealt with.  Worked until my eyes hurt and met my deadlines.  I'll be setting up at Sock Gallery on Tuesday ready for the opening of the preview exhibition on Wednesday.  My work will be there right through to March 25th, the weekend of the Makers Fair when I'll have a full range of cards, ceramics and prints available.  I'm hanging 6 new originals and 9 prints, including two new ones. I'll blog all soon!

Another workshop tomorrow, this time on home turf. Very exciting to be introducing a bit of print into the day and hoping to get as exciting results as last week's workshop.


Printed Material said...

Good luck with the workshop and exhibition. How I wish I loved within striking distance to do either! Came across some collage work the other day which I thought might strike a chord with you. Have a look at if she is new to you.

Helen Hallows said...

Thanks for the link. I hadn't seen her work before. Love the mix of papers and the quirky characters.

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