Thursday, 8 April 2010

V&A ceramics

I felt like a did a trolley-dash visit to the V&A.  I was so hungry for inspiration and found it at every turn of every corner.  I hadn't really expected to feel so excited by the ceramics.  I was greatly inspired by all the glazes which reminded me of the way the ink travels on my paper collages. I also remembered my Foundation tutor who suggested I pursue ceramics.

When I saw this charming article in World of Interiors I felt the inspiration to make bowls.  Irene Feesey has led a handmade life and her home is a gallery of her talents.  Her bowls are papier mache and I find them frail and beautiful.  I think my paper based work would lend itself to decorating a paper based bowl.  With this in mind I dined on ideas in the ceramics gallery.

I felt I wasn't the only designer to have been inspired by the ceramics.  World of Interiors also featured a new range of ceramics by Richard Ginori called 'Broken'.  She must surely have stood in front of the dish above.  It was a great gallery to be in; laid out so you could see through to the conservation areas and see work being prepared for display.

If 'transparency' is one of our era's buzz words, then theV&A has certainly become more transparent.  It is as if it has been turned inside out and all areas are now accessible.  As a visitor from outside London, I will certainly frequent the virtual gallery online and access information on the ideas behind the exhibitions. 

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