Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Whilst away we visited the faded elegance of the seaside town of Morecambe.  Far up on the north west coast, Morecambe was a childhood holiday destination of my Mum's and I tried to see beyond the insensitive development that afflicts Morecambe like many of our seaside towns, and to rekindle the excitement of a seaside holiday, long before package holidays whisked tourists to Europe.  With children in tow, it's easy to get excited by fish and chips and buckets and spades.  Sitting on the beach, you look across to the monochrome layers of the Lake District.  Looking back to the town, the promenade runs beneath a facade of elegant architecture.  At the end of the town the Midland Hotel sits like a full stop.  A fantastic piece of art deco architecture, it has been lovingly restored.  Somewhere along that promenade is Brucciani's ice-cream parlour.  A part of the Morecambe experience since 1893, this family run business has the most beautiful interiors and knickerbocker glories to knock your socks off.

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