Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Handweavers' Studio

One of the purposes of my trip to London was to get supplies. As I come to the end of my first tapestry, I feel that if I don't get another onto the loom, I might never start another! 

When I lived in London, I lived in Walthamstow, which was then home to The Handweavers' Studio.  It has recently relocated to larger, lighter premises in Finsbury Park.  It's an absolute treasure trove for weavers.  There are shelves of beautifully coloured yarn, books, postcards, fibres, magazines and a gallery of contemporary hand woven fabrics.  At the back there is a light and airy teaching studio set up with looms.

"Is melon good for meloncholia?" Lynne Curran 2000

Krokbragd rug. Valerie Opher

My new yarn stash

I came away with more rayon as I love the range of colours and also the fineness of the yarn and the detail I have been able to achieve, especially in the building of curves.  I also picked up some precut cards for weaving, with a view to experimenting a bit with different fibres.  For my next tapestry (yes, I still have to finish the other one) I'd like to keep with the curves but create a more abstract piece.

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