Thursday, 30 October 2014

A thing for sheds

It probably comes as no surprise that I have a thing for sheds! My studio is a glorified shed, our allotment has two sheds and it seems that every home I've lived in has come with a shed, full of interesting oddities and vintage ephemera; old tins, plant labels, jars, rusty tools.  A happy weekend is one that takes me to a garden and a peelly painted shed to ogle at. After the summer holidays I had a file on my computer called 'Produce' that documented some of my peelly paint shed loving experiences around the UK! So it seemed fitting to take inspiration from garden sheds and the patina of, and objects there in, for a photo shoot for my range of vases. It has given me great pleasure to find a purpose for the old tins, postcards, boxes, and bits and bobs that fill up drawers and sit on shelves, and to create some product shots for my shop. There are nine vases in total. They sit together well in groups, along themes of Autumn or Spring....or those with birds....or those with cottages. I hope they make charming gifts...for yourself or loved ones.

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