Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Bonfire Night!

Happy Bonfire Night. Here at the Hallows house, we're enjoying the rituals of Autumn; Halloween and Bonfire Night. We are off this evening to go 'ooh' and 'aahhh' at the local display. I'm quite pleased it has gone chilly and I can don my new beret and layer up on the knitwear. The season suits me!

To celebrate all that is good about the nights drawing in I've had my print 'Night' on offer in my Etsy shop. Because I haven't yet blogged about it, I'm extending the offer until midnight tomorrow night (the 6th November). You can buy the print for £50 instead of the usual price of £65. Looking at the quilted landscape will keep you warm and those huge stars will remind you to look up and wonder at the miracle of life itself and that we are all made from stardust.

Here at home, we've been making toffee apples this afternoon with windfalls from the allotment and more sugar than I care to think about!!  Who knew they are so easy to make!?

Enjoy the fireworks!

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