Thursday, 6 June 2013

They are back!

Decorative tiles - click image to shop

My decorative tiles are finally back in stock! The tiles feature a digital transfer print taken from my original artwork and fired on to a ceramic tile. I had great fun in the studio yesterday having a photo shoot. I now feel completely justified in my wombling around flea markets and junk shops acquiring bits and pieces of studio clutter - they all came in very handy for my vintage themed shoot. My favourite places for a rummage are Melton Mowbray flea market held every Tuesday in the cattle market and a recent discovery, London House in Shipston-on-Stour in the Cotswolds. I don't like my junk too neatly displayed, the thrill is in the hunt! And of course we are now in to car boot sale season which is where you can find me on a Sunday. In the photos you can see a vintage staple box from my Dad's office, part of an old camera found in the garden shed of my London flat, and a book called 'Nelly's Work' given to me by my Nana which gave its name to my first business, selling handmade greetings cards. Some of my most treasured items are in my studio and this ephemera keeps me connected to people and places that are no longer with me.

I'm having a tile giveaway on facebook and you can also buy them online and at The Secret Craft Fair on June 15th/16th.

click image to reach facebook giveaway

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