Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sunny Days

Sat in the studio in my sun warmed studio life listening to Johnny Flynn, life couldn't feel much better.  This week has been sun drenched and energy drenched as the Solstice has worked its magic.  I really feel a part of nature, fuelled by the heat and light and elated with it; a complete contrast to how I feel in winter.  I've used that energy in the worst way possible!  I have completed all my accounting!  Two studio moves last year had left my finances in complete disarray but now I am back on top and very ready for some creative time.

When not at the kitchen table doing paper work, it has been a week very much about gardens as everything around me makes the most of life.  The allotment is exploding, the polytunnel astounds me with its fervour, producing radishes, yellow beetroot and purple basil. My plot outside the studio is giving us lettuce and cabbage, purple podded peas and rich-red chard.  Eating has become a pleasurable concoction of fresh tastes and colours.  At the weekend we were invited to the Weleda gardens and took great pleasure from their healing, peaceful powers. I want to bottle these days!

Tucked amongst the plants

Definitely a Secret Craft Fair....

So, it was fitting to have exhibited my work at The Secret Craft Fair as part of the NGS Open Gardens Festival weekend. My hosts, Janet Currie and Pete Mosley, organised an extravaganza in their garden.  The garden looked beautiful and was enhanced by art placed through it (Helen Rhodes, Barry Bulsara, Jennie Mc Call, Craig Fellows, The Apothecary Room). The shed was an unexpected delight featuring the entertainment of Martin Currie, ray gun specialist on the Saturday and Maxine Greer's synchronised swimming pegs on the Sunday.

Janet and Pete's garden

The artists

The entrance

Helen Rhodes 

The weekend ebbed and flowed between sunshine and showers, tea and cake, delightful, heart warming conversations with artists, friends and visitors. Oh, I wish there were more days like these!

Maxine Greer's synchronised pegs

Maxine Greer - Peg Tango

And I can't leave out a link to the most beautiful cake......Cherry and Cardamom, made by Anne.


Debbie said...

What a lovely idea, art, crafts and gardens, my favourite things.

Helen Hallows said...

And cake Debbie! Don't forget the cake! x

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