Friday, 9 November 2012

Winter dreaming

Back in the summer I started a series of small works using up the detritus of my studio!  Because I use book pages in my work the board book backs start to make piles, all in lovely muted colours.  The end pages find their way into my larger pieces but small offcuts find themselves stock piled for another day. Beautifully worded inscriptions are pinned to boards or tucked in to sketchbooks and I was determined to give these snippets their own glory.  And so this year's Christmas card designs were born.

Christmas cards available on 'Folksy'

I have a robin who lives in our garden and inspires me with his resilience.  His forebears lived here before him and the card 'Earnest Robin' celebrates him.  The inscription that I'd salvaged from an old book seemed just the greeting my little robin would utter.

It's at this time of year I long to hibernate so 'Christmas House' allowed me to dream about the cabin in the woods I would hibernate to.  Who or what would you take to your secret cabin?  I'd be sat in front of a log fire with the cat on my feet, listening to Stan Getz and knitting.  Oh Winter is such a dreamy time!

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Introverted Art said...

a lot of people seem to be getting ready for the holidays, preparing cards, gifts, decorations... what a festive time.

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