Thursday, 8 November 2012

Back to basics

Creatively I am starting again.  I have had an amazing year for my business and continue to be offered new opportunities and have lots to look forward to in 2013.  With the studio move though I have felt in limbo, and as I've come to be known for the style of landscapes I create I have continued to create them.  But something inside wants me to pursue a new direction.  Really it's a more vivid version of me, hopefully a more confident creator.  When I teach the workshops I love encouraging messiness and creating textures and papers to use which are uninhibited and free.  So, I've been doing what I love, and without a total vision for the work, I have been mark making and experimenting with the media that have become familiar to me, ink, collage and stitch.  I've bled out the colour....see previous post on black....and I am starting out on a new creative journey.  It feels exciting and liberating and a little scary.  I'm waiting for the colour and shape to arrive.

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