Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Liz Salter

Liz Salter: A Fresh Wind.  Acrylic on paper

Liz Salter: Between the North and the South.  Mixed Media

This year, as last, I was beguiled by the work of Liz Salter at Wirksworth.  Her landscapes are expansive and fluid.  They are full of space and the sense that you have just turned your face to the wind and invoked the landscape on a breath of the freshest air.  They transport me to those precious spaces beyond the constraints of our every day.  On her website, I have an affinity with her statement:

"The paintings are not topographic, not based on the scenic, but filtered through experience of place and the reality of the experience of being there." 

My pictures too are experiential, inspired by the reality of place but filtered with a sense of design and decoration that leads it to a different conclusion to the eloquent landscapes of Liz Salter.

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