Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Making Plans

After Wirksworth I was exhausted and the house was a dump!  Little Man had started back at school, we hadn't caught up on ourselves at the end of a summer of trips and holidays and the house was full of piles....of work, paperwork, washing, ironing.....you name it we had a pile of it!!  Wirksworth was an achievement of a dream and a real launch to what seems to be a new life.  David's work is on the back burner whilst I try to promote my art.  I'm excited and scared at the same time but the moment seems right.  As a bit of a net, I've also got a couple of rumbling smaller business ideas including selling vintage linens and plants.  So I am firing on all cylinders, finding it hard to go to sleep at night and writing lists and more lists.  I'm running on the last energy of summer, trying to shore up plans before the year starts to ebb.  The other day I looked up and saw alot that I'd been missing.

David has become a domestic God!

We had our first fire of Autumn and baked.

This year we are drying beans to stew in the winter.

The flow of life is ever onward.....

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