Tuesday, 28 September 2010

First commission

Family. 30cm x 30cm

One Sunny Day.  17cm x 12 cm

Ever since I immortalised myself and the boys in the piece 'Family' (above), people have asked if I work to commission.  So for one of the craft fairs I produced 'One Sunny Day', another self portrait, but this time to invite commissions.  My friends Kate and Stephen were lovely enough to see the potential and asked me to create a portrait of their three children.  It's taken a while, mainly to muster the confidence to do justice to someone elses family memory.  The initial idea was from a family photo from a day at the beach, one of those days when everyone is happy.  In Kate's family this was more than a nice day at the beach, it was a miracle day, a day at the end of a long year of very bad health.  For me, knowing this, it was more than a portrait, it became a celebration of a very special family.  The sun signifies that warmth and unity, and although Kate isn't in the picture, she is symbolised by the sun.

I delivered it last night, to great praise and I do hope they love it! 

Rough design and sketches from photos

Pencil sketch

Colour selections for Paddling

Paddling 30cm x 30cm

If you would like to commission a family portrait, or immortalise a memory, I am currently taking commissions for Christmas.  Please get in touch through my website.

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