Friday, 23 July 2010

Tea and jam!

Primmy Chorley: Teatime in the Garden of Love

Primmy Chorley: The Garden of Love

Primmy Chorley is a very private artist from North Wales. There aren't many people whose lives are kept private in the Age of the Internet.  I particularly love the application of her work to functional objects.  These tea cosies are from a series:

".....Chorley will describe the subject of the 'Paradise Gardens' tea cosies as 'family memories' and affectionate goodbyes to those who were close but are gone - in 'Flowers for Tinker' to one of her much loved dogs, in 'The Garden of Love - for Lin' to her best friend.  Chorley's life has clearly been difficult and tragic at times, but it has also contained much happiness.  The naivity of the slightly whimsical houses and gardens depicted on the tea cosies, and their ubiquitous guardian angels, somehow express this sense of comfort and reassurance - things will be 'alright'.  In this way, these deeply personal expressions of joy and grief have a universal resonance.  They are about nothing less than human relationships, life and death."

I've been enjoying the ritual of tea, made in my favourite stripey tea pot.  This week I've been up to my eyeballs in fruit from the allotment and making jar after jar of jam.  It's always a well received gift and seems to be entrenched in everyones' lives with a ritualistic element, not found in a mass produced jar.  It finds it's way onto the table for a Sunday tea, or served with warm croissants on a Saturday morning.  It captures summer ready to be freed in the depths of winter.

With tea and jam on my mind I thought I would join the Folksy Friday revolution and feature the best related products from Folksy.

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Rescued and Revived vicars tea cosy
Bebe Boutique alien jam bandana 
Handmade by Auntie Junie pink tea cosy 
Hats and More cakes tea cosy
Nickynackynoo traffic jam bunting
Woolly Duck felted scone

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