Saturday, 10 July 2010


As part of my campaign against over priced and over packaged plastic toys, I've been making these bags for boys' presents (always so much harder to buy for I find).  The boys are always a bit non-plussed by a bag, then realise it's their bag, start filling it with all their other presents, or things they want to keep away from their siblings and suddenly, it is the most useful gift in all the world! Great for the holidays, I pack one for the car for each of the boys with things-to-do and I'm currently filling one ready for the summer holidays.  I've just put them up for sale in my Folksy shop, and with only two weeks until the kids break up, you'd better get you orders in!

ps. They come giftwrapped in a co-ordinating spotty bag with a sticker and tag. x

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