Thursday, 30 July 2015

'I am Nature' - Creative Visualisations CD Launch

In the last year I have lost and found myself creatively. Established ways of working no longer seemed to thrill me and I felt disconnected from my art and creative space. I felt like I was ticking the boxes but sleep walking through life.
It has been a period of great vulnerability for someone who has always trusted their creative flow. I had never had the feeling of fear before when I sat with a piece of paper or a new sketchbook. I had lost the feeling of my creative destiny. And it hurt. Feeling blocked disconnected me from my inner self.

Last winter I started to write again. I loved to write when I was younger but the business of my days meant I had stopped  Through journalling I was able to express my feelings and reflect. I was able to respond to why I create. I was able to listen to my heart. I unearthed a deep connection to nature as the source of my creativity. I recognised this in myself and my work but I had forgotten to honour it. I had forgotten to honour myself.

Through going in to nature I was able to heal my creative soul. I walked with my head up and saw the birds swoop. I sat in the garden with a blanket and absorbed the rays of the sun. The day of the eclipse of the sun was an epiphany; I treasured my life, my purpose and my place in nature.

I have taken sections of my writings and recorded them as a spoken word CD, 'I am Nature' - Creative visualisations for working with nature as inspiration.' The words are an expression of where my creativity comes from and how I use the seasons to create a rhythm for my life. In publishing this, I hope to share my love of nature and awaken others' creativity. It has been an exciting process to take my heart felt feelings and work with a team in bringing my words to life and into a format I can share.
Each section is a narrative of the season and is followed by silent time for creative visualisation. There are short tasks to centre you in nature and nurture your creative process. 

"I find myself in nature. It is my guide. I create with nature and my work celebrates my connection with the source.
My work is an expression of all that I feel when I connect with the earth. It captures a moment when all my senses are engaged in a creative epiphany. My expression of this is through mixed media art. However we express ourselves, art, music, poetry, we need to be open to receiving inspiration. We need to create a space, physically and spiritually to create from. There is a sacred space where our inner and outer worlds merge." HH2015

To buy 'I am Nature' at the early bird price of £10 (includes UK p&p) click here. And for international delivery here.

I would like to thank Fiona Pattison at Happy Press for believing in me and in this project. Also Craig Shaw at Happy Photography for his amazing photographs. And Piper Dawes at Calder Recordings for her patience in bringing my words to life.

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