Monday, 16 April 2012

Yorkshire, April 2012

And so started my sketchbook!  In an ode to Hockney whose Yorkshire Sketchbook opens with a similarly water coloured 'Yorkshire April 2004' I set out to capture some of the landscapes that he and I both love.  I topped up my watercolour box and packed a pencil.   I had been so inspired by Hockney's use of watercolour and pen but found it a tribulation to use watercolour in my sketchbook.  The sun didn't shine much and I found myself standing around waiting for the paint to dry!  Once I reverted to a pencil and sketched in a way that was true to myself I was able to engage with the landscape.  I stood atop hills that had vantage points out to sea, down valleys and across the moors.  I loved the pattern, the ruggedness of the moors and the juxtaposition with the manmade fields split with dry stone walls and the safe domestic shapes of home and farm.

By Wednesday of our trip away I was so in love with Yorkshire. A fortuitous detour found us in front of a bungalow, around the corner from the sea and up for auction.  Oh how I ached for that to be my home, scrubbed and white washed , a simple base for an artist's life.

Fancy it?  It's up for auction next Wednesday.

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