Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Just what I need(ed)

The busy-ness of getting moved in to the studio means that our holiday already seems a long time ago and oh I 'd like to be back there.  Days spent rock pooling were followed by evenings by the fire.  I took my knitting and we all read.  Amazingly I finished a book.  The East Yorkshire coast proffered it's beautiful stones and fossils to us.  We explored more of the desolate moors and I drove up a 33% incline and we all lived to tell the tale and celebrate being alive with chips and ice-cream....and more ice cream.

I'm very pleased that I'll be back in Yorkshire before I know it for the Saltaire Arts Trail (May 4th-7th).  It's come around fast!  You'll be able to find me here.

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