Friday, 9 September 2011

Health and sanity

Health and sanity are returning after the endurance test that was the Summer Holidays!  Routine and a touch of normality has been restored in the Hallows household and we now have peaceful mornings as little chap has started pre-school.  I'm working my way through lists and more lists as I prepare for the Melbourne Festival on 17th/18th September.  And do you know what?  I might just be winning.

Today I sent off a stack of my new cards to the National Centre for Craft and Design, ready for their relaunch on October 1st.  I'll be there on relaunch day demonstrating my work so please come along.

On 1st October 2011, The Hub in Sleaford, Lincolnshire will open its doors as The National Centre for Craft & Design. The Hub was established as a centre for craft, design and making in 2003.  Over the past eight years, The Hub has developed a strong reputation within the national museum and gallery sector as a unique and ambitious gallery that exhibits the most innovative, challenging and accomplished artists practicing within the craft and design arena today.

With three exciting exhibition spaces, including the largest main gallery space in England, a roof top gallery and a vibrant window space it has certainly earned its new title: The National Centre for Craft & Design.

Tailored around each exhibition there’s something for everyone to learn and enjoy through a lively public programme of talks, workshops, conferences, clubs, groups, activities, lectures, seminars, screenings, short-courses, and demonstration days.

The tempting retail space now sells an inspirational collection of contemporary craft and design products to suit all pockets and the delectable café is a popular haven for local families and business people seeking a creative respite.

The National Centre for Craft & Design really is ‘home’ to the very best designer/makers in craft practice today.

Help celebrate as they unveil exciting new developments at The National Centre for Craft & Design this October! Experience the brand new graphic identity, and indulge in the stunning new Retail offer.  Visitors are also invited to step into the new Learning Zone and ExChange Space for the very first time.

Enjoy exhibitions, craft demonstrations, free family fun workshops all taking place from 2 - 4pm, as well as delicious Lincolnshire treats from the riverside café.

I also set up a showcase of my work this week at the Atkins Building in Hinckley.  There too you can enjoy the cafe, gallery space and artists showcases.

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