Friday, 10 June 2011

New work

Bowl.  Ink, collage , stitch.  12x17cm

Collection. Ink, collage, stitch.  12x17cm

Orchid. Ink, collage,stitch. 12x17cm

Three Pears. Ink, collage, stitch.  12x17cm

Here are four new pieces that I've finished for Holmfirth Art Market on Sunday.  It was refreshing to create some still life pieces, and I feel I've come full circle featuring ceramics in my artwork.  In my work I work in a responsive way, often from memory, attempting to capture an atmosphere or a passing moment.  This series of artwork is inspired by mid 20th century printmakers and Japanese zen rituals, and the ideas of wabi sabi.

These pieces are part of an ongoing series I have in mind, and will be available to buy, unframed in my folksy shop.  

I've lots of lists posted around the studio, of things I need to take with me to Holmfirth.  I'm just hoping for a couple of good nights sleep first!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful new pieces of work :)

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