Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Lucie Rie Bowl c.1976

James Tower Vase 1986

I've visited the Sainsbury Centre at the University of East Anglia before and was really pleased to revisit.  Housed in a magnificent building designed by Norman Foster the gallery is full of light and dynamic spaces.  The building works really well as a visitor centre and from the exhibition spaces, to the cafe, shop and even the loos, everything is well designed.  Home to a beautiful collection of objects from around the world, there is an obvious passion in the collection for the archeological, for ceramics and for mid twentieth century design.  Unifying the collection is a pallette of muted tones and textures.  It's a very calming collection to be amongst and also very human with many domestic items and amulets, infused with a sense of the maker.

Sue Maufe 5000 Dogu 2010

unearthed exhibition guide

saltdough models

A museum

An exhibition of archeological figurines from many points of the globe, the unearthed exhibition worked well as an adjunct to the main collection.  Because they were representative of the human form, and because of their diminutive scale, it was hard not to engage with the exhibition.  Little Man loved it and was instantly inspired to make his own.  A few hours later and we all had our own saltdough figurine ready to bake!  The visit has spurred more creativity; this 'museum' logs the finds from our other adventures: pottery fragments from the river, sea worn glass from the beach, a birds egg from the silver birch copse at Anglesey Abbey.

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