Friday, 13 August 2010



Our garden has gone wild this week.  The warmth and rain has sent everything skywards.  It feels very tropical out there and so many types of green.  Being out there grounded me back in late summer, harvesting cucumbers and tomatoes and the longest purple beans you've ever seen.  I've been working hard in the studio preparing for the Wirksworth Festival and also planning stock for galleries who are preparing for Christmas and then I'm making my own plans for Christmas fairs.  Suddenly the year had passed me by.  When the boys returned from the allotment with plums I realised how quickly autumn will be upon us.  So we're off to seize the summer and have some outdoor fun.  Just time to post a beastly Folksy Friday before we go!

Rae Welch paper bird Doodle in the Margins zebra hood Sara Carr fox brooch Flossie Limejuice lion The Snail Emporium snail Knitted Sue yellow cat Claryce Design bird gift tags Spare book labels Molly's Mum brooch

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