Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Making sense of it all

Notebooks off the production line.

I've had my head down, trying to make sense of everything and trying to focus on how to make what I love doing into a viable business.  So, I've been having some middle-of-the-night thinking sessions and trying to formulate a plan.  Currently the plan is Do Everything.  So, I've booked up some craft fairs and I've applied to exhibit at the Wirksworth festival.  I'm also planning on trying to get some freelance design work, now Dave is on a three-day-soon-to-be-no-day-week.  I've got a few card companies in mind and an agent I'd like to contact.  Deep breath!  Just need to take one step at a time.

Today I met up with a lovely lady who is opening a gallery later in the year and who would like me to teach a workshop and exhibit some of my work.  So I feel like I'm flinging lots of balls in the air and I just need to juggle them all, whilst parenting with a smile!

Clearing out my work space, and a knock-on house clearance, was very helpful in focusing on where I'm at now.  I got rid of lots of stuff that related to things I used to do, or thought I might do.  I also reconnected with ideas and half-finished projects and that's helped me focus.  I realised what I love and ditched the rest!  Yesterday I sold it all at a car boot sale and hopefully there are some happy crafters making use of it all.

My studio is now a haven of loveliness, and the space works much better.  I realised how much I love wooden boxes, brown paper and string......and neat piles of useful things.

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