Monday, 10 May 2010

Worldly goods

I've been feeling very unsettled.  The election result has put me on edge.  I'm feeling really unrepresented and very dissillusioned with the main parties.  The financial problems in Greece, volcanic ash, a soon-to-be-out-of-work-husband and I'm feeling rattled.  So I'm having a sort-out.  One of those big sort-outs where everything comes out the back of the cupboard and then you wonder what the hell to do with it.  I read this blog entry (scroll down to May 16th) and felt the need to do the same, or similar.  My studio is small and a dumping ground.  The way I work has really changed over the last few years and I'm filling space with millions of things I don't need.  I've been reading about living a more simple life and so I'm off-loading.

The Squirrel and the Bird. HH 2001

So here's a giveaway from my old stash of work.  It's a small felt applique and it could be yours!  Leave a comment and I'll randomly select a winner from the comments using a very sophisticated selection system!  You have one week.


Else said...

Hmmm - I too have too much 'stuff' and I feel your pain. In order to help you out of your pain, I throw my hat in the ring to try to acquire one more bit of stuff to add to my piles of stuff... But it looks lovely, so what the hey!!!

Clare Gray said...

Am feeling proud of self for taking 8 bags - count'em - 8! to charity/clothes bank today. It's not as reckless as it sounds as was an accumulation of other people's rubbish through which I riffled and extracted nice pieces of fabric for future projects (mainly existing in my head, as anyone who knows me can testify). Amazed as always Helen by your output - quality and quantity. Perhaps it's because you don't spend your afternoons sifting through other people's discarded rags??? xxxxx Clare
ps. Have had headache since last night when my knitting pattern beat me into submission. Will be applying to mother in law to extract me from its bullying tactics tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

i also love wot u do.


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