Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mary Newcomb

Lady in an unsprayed field seen in passing, 1988

6 violas, 1985

Mrs Brown and black, 1972

I have just weathered the first of what will be many temper tantrums by my soon-to-be-two year old.  I had to hold in my head that "the moment could not last".  And now he sleeps so peacefully and I am calming myself with images from a beautiful book about the artist Mary Newcomb.

Mary Newcomb is a self taught artist.  Much of her work deals with the mood of a moment and using colour and light to capture her world.  She uses colour intuitively and with a heightened pallette translates her feelings onto canvas.  In her diaries, she wrote about the sounds around her as she painted, especially of birdsong, and of her efforts to record sound with colour.

Aah, feeling much calmer now.

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