Wednesday, 3 September 2014

And so it goes.

Suddenly it's September. This year is flying by. I've not known what to expect of myself this year. I've taken a step back from teaching workshops to try and get a bit of control over my life and business and to try to make a going-forward plan. I started to come to terms with life and then the Summer came and my role as a Mum had to take centre stage, and now I've forgotten where I'm going! In amongst the holidays and play days I've managed to get some new vases designed and fired and a couple of new originals finished and framed ready for the Melbourne Festival on the 13th/14th September. I'll be in the same, beautiful venue as last year, at 16 Church Street. I've realised how interlinked the different areas of my life are and how my garden feeds me, both in the literal sense and in providing me with inspiration. I often feel that it's not work to be gardening but it's an intrinsic part of myself and my creativity. So this Autumn, when the boys go back to school, I've resolved not to be quite so serious about 'work', to feed my soul with the things that inspire me, and to allow some play back into my creative life. What's on your Autumn Manifesto?

Manifesto Autumn 2014

Live Simply
Learn to play again
Garden-it's my inspiration
Remember the rainbow
Eat simply and healthily
Take time off - book it in
Read about Tibet
Read to the boys
Make a pile of blankets ( and sit under them!)


Lyndsey James said...

I like this a lot. Can I come round to play when you have made a blanket den? LJ x

Helen Hallows said...

Definitely....I'll even light the stove!

sue bulmer said...

Sounds like a perfect manifesto to me Helen and sounds like you've had a similar year to me as far as direction goes. I've had a really tough one, and have gone from thinking of giving it all up to finally getting back in the driving seat. It's hard when you feel you're not sure where you are headed, trying to juggle the different parts of what makes you who you are. I handed in my notice at work (without another job)but things are slowly coming to me (breathes sigh of relief!). Wishing you a successful autumn and hope to see you around soon x

Helen Hallows said...

Thanks Sue....well done on giving up your job. I'm sure your business will go from strength to strength now that you can give it 100%. After five years the thing I find hard is sustaining my energy levels and passion. It's not a job that you can be lack lustre about! Good luck. X

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