Monday, 30 September 2013

Autumn days

Well, this is it....I've made it to autumn and have spent the last month meeting a series of deadlines.  I wasn't sure that I'd achieve as much as I have managed to as everything came hard on the heels of getting the boys back to school. Summer has been busy with family commitments and a lot of decorating and my creative time kept on getting squeezed. But it was such a beautiful, colourful, light filled summer and I was so inspired by the energy of the landscapes I found myself in. The work I completed received a great response at the Melbourne Festival and has now made its way to Opus Gallery in Ashbourne where it is on show until the end of October. Here's a few images from the events I have been doing. And I'm so pleased to be able to announce the opening of two new galleries who are stocking my work, CDS Gallery at Cottesbach Stables in Leicestershire and White Street Gallery in Kibworth, Leicestershire, where I'm very proud to be sharing wall space with Reg Cartwright!

Melbourne Festival venue

small collage pieces - workshops

Autumn colour!

Opus Gallery Ashbourne

Ashbourne exhibition

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