Thursday, 11 July 2013

Where am I? Where I am.

I keep finding my flow then losing it.  The flow of creativity isn't a constant one and I am frustrated at the moment balancing input and output.  I know that I have deadlines and obligations in September, October and December and the amount of work I need to do is overwhelming me. I know that I get my best ideas when I have had a break and I am looking forward to getting out and about during the summer. I keep trying to focus back in on myself and stay with the moment and not worry about the outcomes, to trust that they will come out.  I keep showing up in the studio and creating papers, getting jobs done, preparing for my workshop.  I am reminding myself of what makes my work mine and returning to favourite inspirations.  I recently saw an exhibition at Nottingham Castle called 'Now and Next' featuring the work of Polly Binns and Anne Morrell.  I met Anne Morrell when travelling in India after graduation.  She was teaching at the National College of Design in Ahmedabad and helped us in crossing the cultural bridge between Britain and India.  Much of the textiles of India forms a base for my own creativity.  I still love the block prints in subtle colours of Anokhi.  And the stitch I use in my work is inspired by the close lines of Kantha stitch that have also inspired Anne Morrell in her work.  Fused with those traditional textile craft inspirations are a very British aesthetic.  The artists of Mid Twentieth Century Britain continue to inspire me, Ben Nicholson, Winifred Nicholson, Eric Ravillious, and contemporary artists who share similar aesthetic influences, Elaine Pamphilon, Mark Hearld. So now I have reminded myself who I am (!) I will keep on keeping on.

new collection of small landscape collages

Ben Nicholson '13 December 1947'

printed papers in my studio inspired by Indian block prints and book endpapers

Indian blockprints

Elaine Pamphilon mixes Indian ethnic and Modern British influences.


Else said...

I was just about to say, 'keep on keeping on' when I read those very words... You're an inspiration, m'dear! E. xx

felicity said...

Maybe the artists way is often a bit of a roller coaster. Maybe if you don't have the lulls you can't get those wonderful highs.With myself I tend to clam up when things feel like a production line for too long. That's most certainly why I'm not and will never be rich, but I'm quite content- sometimes!I think you do have to try and focus, as you have work to make- and don't be too hard on yourself.Hope this rather confusing message helps!Fliss x

Linda B. said...

I have just found your blog through pinterest and must say i love everything I see; thank you for the generous sharing.
Linda B.

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