Wednesday, 6 March 2013

New Work

Here's my newest print 'Valley'. It is a big one! It's my feature piece at the Sock Preview Show that opens today at the Town Hall in Loughborough.  Using contemporary wizardry it is a print taken from three works from my British Landscape series.  It measures 45cm x 110cm, a size that I couldn't easily work at because of the constraints of sewing with a domestic sewing machine on paper.  The print quality is amazing and captures every detail of stitch, paper and ink.  It is printed on German etching paper with archival inks.  

The work was commissioned by a customer who had already bought my 'Valley Deep' piece.  And so I created 'Valley High' and 'Valley Steep' to compliment it and these three were united for 'Valley'.

I'll be in the gallery at Sock, Loughborough on the weekend of the Makers Market (March 23rd and 24th).  Hope to see you there!

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