Tuesday, 22 January 2013

News from the studio

My coop

The chicken coop

I've been enjoying my commute to work!  It's been wonderful to be in the studio at the bottom of the garden in the snow.  I never thought there'd be so much life going on there.  The studio decking is a crossroads for the neighbourhood cats. Black, white, marmalade and tabby all wander through on their journeys. There have been fox prints in the snow around the chicken coop which worries me.  The chickens haven't liked the cold snap and stand forlornly waiting for it to pass. They have been treated to scraps mixed with warm oats and cold liver oil to keep them healthy until Spring. One fine lady keeps rewarding us with her eggs. There's nothing better than collecting a warm egg on a freezing morning.

Having to come down the garden each day I am noticing so many more details. I'm already planning the changes for the garden for this year and a cosy evening in front of the fire was spent ordering seeds from the Real Seed Catalogue (I love the stories of the heritage of each seed).

I've been working toward my exhibition at Ferrers Gallery which starts on the first of February.  I have been developing new cards and prints that form ranges called 'Love & Light', 'Hill & House' and 'Seed & Stem'. Currently I have an art card giveaway on my facebook page.  Please 'like' and 'share' the link to take part.

Growing Wild

'Up the garden path'

'Up the garden path' is my favourite new limited edition print.  I really enjoyed the mark making and painting in the piece. I have had a huge version printed for the exhibition and can't wait to see it in situ.  It has been an image in my head for a long time with a few versions created over the last two years that never saw the light of day. It is a special piece for me as it feels like home and has been one of the first pieces created in my new studio where I feel so happy.

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