Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I feel a bit out of the blog loop.  It's been a period of introspection and I've not felt brave enough to share it with the world.  I'm on hold a bit because of the studio build and that has meant  a lot of sorting out and sorting through. I've got to the bottom of 18 months of paperwork, filed my tax return and completed a huge to-do list.  The relief has been great.  What has happened has been a feeling of coming full circle and a creation of a space within me.  Into that space are trickling new ideas and new visions.

I can't decide whether I am being brave or stupid but my creative soul is moving me away from the landscape work and in to new realms.  It might be just a new avenue I need to pursue, we'll see.  I have a few conceptual ideas rumbling in my head, to do with love and connections and the circle of life....there's nothing like focusing on the big stuff!

Hands have become important symbols of the connections between me and my loved ones and so I am using them as a starting point for some visual explorations.  It might be some creative play, a reflective journey, or the start of a new body of work.....

After writing this I went on to read this.  I really relate to the need for peaceful introversion to recalibrate mind, body and soul.

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