Friday, 28 September 2012

What happened?!

Melbourne Festival 2012

I have no idea what happened to September!!  There we were enjoying the summer holidays and suddenly we're knocking on October's door and collecting fallen leaves on the way to school.  It's been a veritable whirlwind of highs and lows. Wirksworth Festival was great; great art, great people, great sales.  I felt in touch with myself and loved talking to people and living my creative life.  Then there was the reality check. The following weekend I had the Melbourne Festival but with a busy week in between, and a poorly child to contend with, I hit the buffers half way through the weekend and ended up in bed ill.  My hero?  David.  He stood in for me with a smile and promoted me really well and made some good sales!

My plan was to use these events as a chance to assess what was working for me and where I want to go.  As part of that plan, I attended a one day 'Creative Business Away Day' at The Refectory Table.  It was really worthwhile.  It has thrown lots up in the air and I am still waiting for the pieces to fall back in to place but ideas that I had had rumbling in the back of my head came to the fore and I was given some valuable methods for assessing and reassessing my business.  The upshot is I don't want to do anymore than I am doing but I want to take time to focus on each area of my business and achieve my potential.  So this week I've been curling up with 'Make Your Creativity Pay' and a big notebook.  I'm also trying to be smart enough to use my smart phone for all my social media but I'm not sure I've got what it takes!

So, the studio build goes on and I'm clearing out my current studio and finding homes for unwanted things.  I feel that I'm bubbling with ideas across all areas of my life.  My youngest started school this month and I'm relishing the extra time but my to-do list is long.  It's three years since I started my business and it feels like the right time to take stock and make a plan of where I am going.  I'll let you know when I've had my epiphany.


Dixie Nichols said...

The three year refocus is perfect, in the first three years you find out what sells, what you like to do what you hate. Every thing is trial and error. After three years you are ready to draw some conclusions and see how to make the money bit.
The up and down of sales will never go away but it all gets easier from here as your efforts are mostly rewarded as you know what to do.
Time to pause and congratulate yourself You have made it. Bumpy road over, Tarmac going down. Brilliant

Else said...

Cannot figure out where the photo of the new studio is taken from.... Has your garden tripled in size???! K and I had an envious chat yesterday about your new space, and can't wait to see it! xxx

Helen Hallows said...

Hi Else! It runs across the width of the garden at the bottom. I took the photo just tucked in behind the chicken run. It does look big doesn't it?! It'll be 20ft x 10 ft.

Can you do me a guest post about the Dovecote Tapestry Exhibition please? Hope you had a lovely time. x

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