Friday, 11 May 2012

Brave Girl

At the Saltaire Arts Trail I had the pleasure of sharing my exhibition space with the lovely Hannah Nunn. I really enjoyed her company, and as happens at these events, you spend a few days getting to know your fellow exhibitors and I came home feeling I'd made a new friend.  So, as a fellow blogger, I've spent my week stalking Hannah!  Hannah makes beautiful lamps and shades and runs a shop called Radiance in Hebden Bridge selling a great selection of lighting.  I particularly love the tea light lanterns of Kate Lycett whose work I also discovered at Saltaire.

Hannah Nunn

Kate Lycett

So, via Hannah I have discovered the Brave Girls Club.  If ever there was a week I needed to be introduced to such a phenomenon it was this one.  I've needed to be brave to deal with a few too many of life's downs over the last couple of weeks and to receive their daily truth has given me strength. Not one to rest on my laurels, I seized the moment and submitted an image and today I am their 'Birdie artist of the day'.  Hello Brave Girls of the world!



Hannah Nunn said...

Aw Helen, first you made me a bit teary and then you made me laugh out loud! Stalking me haha!

Lovely to have met you and I'm really happy to be on your blog today. Tomorrow you'll be on mine!

Love Hannah x

dawn13 said...

Greetings from Virginia!I am absolutely thrilled to have found your beautiful web site from being featured as the Brave Girls "artist of the day". Your art is amazing. I am moved by it, & can't wait to explore some more. So from one Brave Girl to another congrats on being featured, although I truly feel like the lucky one. Thank You Sincerely.

Helen Hallows said...

Glad that the universe has conspired to bring us together! x

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