Wednesday, 7 December 2011

They will follow

My eldest has recently taken an interest in sewing.  At six and a half I figured he had the patience to have a go.  I remember having a sewing kit for my seventh birthday from my grandparents.  My Mum recounts the tale of being encouraged to sew on my Brownie badges and sewing through the sleeve of my uniform so I couldn't put it on!

So this is his second project.  I thought we were making a purse but no, it's a purse-on.  I love it....I hope he gets the bug.  It was lovely to watch him concentrate calmly on the task in hand, and see the pride he had when his person was completed.

I read this today and it made me realise I need to make more time to read, make and just be as an example to my chaps.

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