Thursday, 6 October 2011

Joining the dots

I was emailed the link to this address by Steve Jobs.  The coverage of his death today across all media demonstrates his achievements and how his life touched so many others.  He was visionary with his ambitions for Apple and Pixar.  Mostly I'm touched by his egalitarian views and his wish to create beauty in all he did.

Lots of days I wonder why I am walking the path I am, why I am foolish enough to go it alone.  Having children taught me to listen to my own voice and trust my instincts and in doing that I've ended up doing what I do!

Anyway, watch is short.  All we have is our own path to tread.  Steve Jobs...inspiring.


David said...

Poor old Steve. He leaves the world a slightly poorer place without him.

Though I read that first sentence and thought "Wow, Steve Jobs emailed Helen??" Heh.

Helen Hallows said...

It's always good to keep links to the afterlife!

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